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Semester 2 SRC Induction

Class Captains making the pledge.

On Thursday August 10, we held a special assembly to induct our new Class Captains into the Student Representative Council. Each class voted for two students who consistently follow our school rules and represent our fundamental characteristics, to be their representatives on the SRC. The Class Captains for Semster 2 are:

KM - Conner and Mahdiya

KA - Ayva and Sulaiman

KH - Parsa and Sarah

KK - Richard and Zahra

KS - Jaffar and Aida-Marie

1N - Jimmy and Layla

1R - Mustafa and Ilaria

1BE - Hamza and Avika

1S - Ethan and Zohal

1/2G - Kena and Ariana

2Z - Ismaeel and Laala

2S - Isaac and Sophia

2A - Vihaan and Ella

2BA - Mathew and Jacinta

3M - James and Olivia

3B - Mohid and Sana

3C - Tanemahuta and Rozanna

3E - Tawhirimatea and Aya

3I - Addam and Rabiah

4C - Mason and Millania

4M - Jacob and Daria

4F - Isaac and Madina

4P - Alvin and Anne

5L - Muhammad and Kristabel

5K - Zayne and Evanna

5R - Lachlan and Carissa

5F - Daniel and Selina

6R - Keith and Nevaeh

6S - Danyel and Anabelle

6J - Daniel and Celine

6HW - Damien and Asra

Each new Class Captain was presented with their badge by one of our year 6 prefects. The Semester 2 Class Captains all stood together to make their pledge to uphold the responsibilities of their position as leaders in our school.

Thank you to the year 6 prefects, who did an excellent job hosting the assembly, and to all of the parents who attended this special event. Congratulations to all of our Semester 2 Class Captains.