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Hilltop Road Public School is a leader in embedding innovative technology in education. We provide a range of technology in our learning environments to enable our students to become 21st century learners.

Hilltop Road Public School has complete wireless access. Each classroom and learning space has a wireless access point to allow students to be engaged in their learning at all times. We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding education through our 1:1 ratio using the xo duo laptops, iPads, interactive smart boards, a computer lab and a state of the art technology centre including green screen technology

Technology centre 

Our technology learning centre was established in early 2013. This collaborative learning space has been developed using current research around the needs of the 21st century learner. This space was designed with a variety of furnishing and information communications technology resources including robotics, iPads, microscopes, high end computers technology, an interactive table and a film studio. This centre facilitates and supports a whole school approach to learning in the 21st century.

Xo devices 

Each students at Hilltop Road Public School has an individual Xo duo laptop to utilise every day in their classroom. The xo laptop is part of the one laptop per child (OLPC), a One Education Australia program. Students from Kindergarten to Year 6 utilise this tool to enhance their learning opportunities in all areas of the curriculum. 


Hilltop Road Public School has 44 iPads which are used in classroom from Kindergarten to Year 6. Students utilise the iPads to access information, create movies, participate in mathematics tasks, reading and researching. The iPads are integrated into all areas of learning across the curriculum.

Students have access to many applications. These applications provide students with opportunities to learn and develop creative and critical thinking skills. The level of engagement from students is significant. They are able to make connections between their lives and the world around them.

Computer lab

Our computer lab is equipped with 33 new computers allowing a 1:1 ratio for learning. This room is available for Kindergarten to Year 6 classes to access. The computers have the latest software installed including the latest adobe suite. Our students are able to utilise the computer lab to carry out whole class activities or to complete individual tasks or projects.

Interactive smart boards

Interactive smart boards are in every classroom in Hilltop Road Public School, including our computer room. It is a form of facilitating student learning. Students are able to interact during lessons, engage in presentations, listen to songs and watch recordings. This technology embraces learning at all levels.